PWM and locked antiphase

Hi every body here!! I'm a newby from Spain!

I'm working on my very first project for Arduino.

In that project, I want to control an H-Bridge (an HIP4081A) with locked antiphase.

I know hou to build up a PWM signal on one or more pins, but I don't know how to control the signal to build up the antiphase and control the four legs of the bridge to make it as a locked antiphase signal, since the "low" signal of the PWM output of the arduino is 0Volts...

Should I use an inverter of the signal to generate the "antihpase" signal that complements the PWM of the arduino?

Sorry about my english, and about my low knowledge... but is my first attepm with arduino!


I think you're looking for an inverter like this:

VCC | | \ / 1k \ / | +------ | / / 10k |/ C B | ---/\/\/----| 2N4124 | |\ E _| \ |