PWM and Speed Controllers

Few days ago, I asked about speed controllers and how to interface them the answer was to use the servo library and treat them as servo.

So today i went to the shop to get a speed controller, and the guy asked me, what hertz my signal is going to be? the controller i was looking needs 50 hz signal, so i am relaying the question to you. If i use the servo library supplied with the IDE what hz my signal is going to be?

The PPM frame rate of the servo library is 50Hz.

Thanks for the reply, is there way to change this? without editing the servo lib code, just for future reference incase i pick a controller that expects another rate.

Without changing the library code? No, I don't think so - it is hard-coded with "REFRESH_INTERVAL" in "servo.h".

Most common R/C systems operate on a frame rate of 50Hz, and have done for several decades.

I assume its a r/c servo and r/c speed controller (esc) you are talking about? Almost [u]every[/u] esc works with standard servosignals. Otherwise you had to buy specific radio gear to every esc, and thats not the case. However, a small deviation in tuning seems to exist. My son bought a light kit for his r/c driftcar, and it worked well with older radios but not acceptable with his new 2.4GHz radio. I think it was about pulse lenght, but Im not sure. What are you looking for? An Arduino and an esc could be something fun!

I'm trying to control a r/c speed control using arduino. Where i live i have access to a lot of r/c shops but no radioshack type stores, so it would make my life a lot easier if i can use their stuff for my projects (motors speed controls etc.)