PWM and timer issue, clever solution?

Hey guys

I'm running a Dagu Wild Thumper motor controller with Atmega168 taking inputs from a wireless PS2 controller. Pins 5 and 6 are hardwired to an h bridge for pwm and pins 11 and 3 are hardwired to the other h bridge. I attached an Audio Shield to the board but that uses SPI which needs pin 11 for MOSI so I cut the pin 11 connection and was planning on using a different pin for pwm, but ran into a problem. I can't get pwm out of pins 9 and 10 anymore because I'm using the Easy Transfer Virtual Wire library which uses timer1, thus disabling my pwm abilities on pins 9 and 10! Is there any way to regain pwm capabilities back to pins 9 and 10? Thanks

Pins 5 and 6: controlled by timer0
Pins 9 and 10: controlled by timer1
Pins 11 and 3: controlled by timer2

No, but you can get a Mega which has more PWM pins on it to choose from.