PWM capabilities of Arduino?

New to the forum and need some q’s fielded by someone in the know. It apprears that the Arduino is only capable of supplying a PWM at low freqs…<1Khz?. I am working on an electric vehicle project and require a PWM signal of apx. 15Khz. I am in the process of incorperating intelligence into my controller. In short, I need to supply a PWM to the inputs of a HIP4081A to drive my high power H bridge. I am currently doing this old school. If anyone knows how I can do this please advise. I have also tried the Motorola HC6811 to no avail.


It’s possible to increase the frequency of PWM. You will have to write to ATmega registers directly and bypass the Arduino library functions but it is not difficult. However it depends upon which output pins you plan to use. Which are they?

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Thanks for the reply. I haven't purchased the Arduino yet. Considering options at the moment. I have read something about what you are suggesting, however I am unable to find good literature on the topic now.

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