PWM control of EC fan, 0-10V


I need to control the speed of an EC fan using an Arduino and suitable components. The plan is to hook an an Arduino Uno and control the speed with either 0-10V analog input or PWM. I was hoping to use some type of digital potentiometer or try to create suitable PWM signal. Later on I need to wireless control the speed either with Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity so an regular potentiometer is a no go.

EC FAN: 230V, controlled with either 0-10V or PWM (1…10kHz)
I’ve attached the control diagram and control method. I would really appreciate you guys advice what is best way of doing this for an beginner like me?

Current components

  • Arduino Uno
  • ACtoDC (12V) adapter

Suitable components

  • All suggestions appreciated

/ Erik

Connection Diagram.png

Since the Arduino puts-out 5V digital (no analog) PWM is the way to go.

You just need a 10VDC power source (which it looks like you have), a transistor or MOSFET, and a couple of resistors to "boost" the PWM to 10V.

The little schematic they show you is OK (almost), but it's kind-of confusing with two transistors... Ignore the bottom transistor...

Connect a resistor (not shown) between the base of the transistor and the Arduino output pin (10K should work). Then, make the other connections as shown with a 10K pull-up resistor between the collector and 10V, with the emitter grounded.

The 10K pull-up resistor is a clue that it's low current, and it's only 10V, so any NPN transistor should work.

Thanks DVDdoug!

I am not sure if I fully understood. Does attached schematic looks alright or is it completely off?=)

/ Erik