PWM disabled by Servo Library use?

I have an arduino mega and a dual motor driver board. I can move the attached motor with a digital direction signal (pin 26) and a PWM value (Pin 44). This works fine for itself.
I have then added a servo (pin 2) on the same board and use the servo library (servo.h) to control it. This also works fine for itself.
When trying to control DC-Motor and servo together I found out that as soon as I execute a myServo.attach(2) for the servo my DC Motor won't move anymore.
I assume the attach(2) disables PWM output on Pin 44? It does not help to run a myServo.detach(), the one call to attach() ruins my setup.

In the Reference page I don't see any reference to a servo interfering with Pin 44 on a Mega. It may be worth studying the source code for the Servo library.

Can you use a different pin for your PWM ?


I assume the attach() modifies the timer settings but reading about timers shows it as being a rather complex area and I assume has room for creating new side effects.
Read that the pins 44,45,46 are controlled by timer 5, so I will try to use another pin for my dc motor control although I could not find an explicit mentioning that the servo library is using timer 5.

switched to pin 2 and 3 (I actually have 2 motors) and it works now. So it looks like Servo Library disables pwm at least for the ports 44 and 45.