PWM for Stepper Motor Control

Hello Everybody, I have a question regarding the PWM and how it can be manipulated to get a higher voltage average for driving a stepper Motor. My question is, if I have a driver (DM542) and this driver can handle a PWM starting 2.5 microsec. conected to stepper Motor (Nema 23, 2.3 v/ 4.2 A) does it make much sense to increase the PWM?
some people mentioned that it doesn't especially because higher PWM means blocking the micro controller for longer time, which is undesired.
thank you all

I'm pretty sure that once you set the PWM the controller moves on to the next command. Otherwise how could you run multiple PWM at the same time?
Do you have a link showing where people say:

As I'm often encouraged to, just try it and see what happens.

Explain, please, how the Arduino board's PWM is used with a stepper motor driver.

This is not the right question to ask. Choose a stepper motor power supply that matches the requirements of the stepper motor, the stepper driver and its intended use.

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