PWM frecuency of arduino nano to 490 hz to 62500hz

hello i have question I would like to know how to change the frequency of my nano arduino, from 490 hZ to 62500 hz, I have read that modifying the timer 0 can be done but it damages the delay, but looking for internet I managed to change the frequency of the mega 2560 arduino from 490 hz to 62500 without altering the main timer, this thanks to this code:

TCCR2B = TCCR2B & 0b11111000 | 0x01; // Frequency is set to 32500 hz
TCCR2A |= _BV (WGM21) | _BV (WGM20); // Frequency is set to 62500 hz

I would like to know by means of a building code if it would be possible to change the frequency of my arduino nano. thanks

PD: I try with the library de pwm but no is very reliable

The PWM frequency depends on Timer0 only for the pins D5 and D6, so different PWM speeds for the other PWM pins are possible with disturbing the Arduino timing features.