PWM frequency setting with arduino UNO

In arduino UNO pin 9,10 pwm is 500hz and also same in pin 11...its set by prescallar value in TCCR1B register but here prescaller value is fix like 1,8,32,64,256,1024 and according to that we set PWM frequency 31372.55,3921.16980,490,245,122,30 in HZ but i want to set in this pin 216HZ of PWM frequncy and want to pulse duration tell me how to set that pwm frequency.....216HZ in pin 9,10,11 in arduino UNO board....set 8.016ms pulse by setting TCCR1B = TCCR1B & B11111000 | arduino UNO.. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Can you explain that in more detail? Your post looks like a jumble of numbers.