PWM from Timer1 when external crytal is used for asynchronous timer 2 (Nano)

Hi !

Basically, the whole question is in the title. If we connect to an Arduino Nano an external crystal to have Timer2 in asyncronous mode, it is to pin 9 and 10 (respectively Xtal1 and Xtal2). But those pins are also used for having PWM signals from Timer1. So is there a way to use both features at the same time ?

I know PWM is also available on Pin 3 and 6 from Timer0, also it is not a big issue to have an asyncronous timer2 and output some PWM signals. But I was wandering why it is like this, and if there is a logical reason behind it.

Thanks in advance !


Go back to the pinout chart, those are the pins used for the crystal oscillator - ie, the one normally used for clocking the nano! That, obviously, presents some challenges.... (basically, you can't do this on a nano...) but those are definitely not the same pins as used for PWM controlled by Timer1!

I think you are confusing physical pin numbers with arduino pin numbers...

You right, I was confusing the two, thanks for making me realized it !