PWM in Arduino Due


I am trying to use the port D45 like a PWM port, it is a PWMH6 port (it appear in ATSAM3X8E datasheet document), but if I try generate a PWM in this pin, it works like a normal digital pin. Can I use it like a PWM using low level instructions? What instructions are there to make it work ?

Thanks a lot.

PWM: Pins 2 to 13
Provide 8-bit PWM output with the analogWrite() function. the resolution of the PWM can be changed with the analogWriteResolution() function.

This is the official Arduino due Board Specs, but the ATSAM3X8E (the arduino due microcontroller) has more pwm pin such as d45(PC18), is it right?

yes maybe, but many of the ARM pins are not 100% accessable by the Arduino IDE.
You might access them by native GCC though.