PWM, LFO and Osc, adjustable with LCD Display the several POT values

As my experience in arduino is quite limited( though with some average knowledge of C, Basic , etc despite rusty lol) i'd like your opinion as to what would be the best way to approach my ideia.
The idea is to:
1st- have a use a potentiometer to control the a 555 ( much like the example of controling the blinking of a led with a POT), but display its current value to the LCD;
2nd I'd need to be able to read a few more pots ( 4 at leastt) and display their cirrent value to the LCD as well.
For completion of information, ill try to explain my aim, in a general way.

In reality, ill be using an adjustable PWM , an LFO and oscillator .
The real purpose of this project is to have a display for my siren, made of 2 555's and a 741 .
The adjustable values will be the
1: mod
2: rate
3: waveform (square/sine)
4: freq.

My first approach will probably be just to use the Arduino to provide a reading of the pots into the LCD. Also experiment with it providing the rate of the pulse.

So i'd just appreciate if any of you could share your views in what way better to start my approach

Thanks in advance

This is the original schematic, so you can better understanding it.
It's in the VCO style.

If your going to use an Arduino, you might as well get it to generate the sound in the first place.

Why not just build an Audino, its nothing more than 5 pots and an Arduino.

I have added a simple amplifier using a LM386 to drive a PC Speaker from mine.

Search for Audino on your favorite video site for a few examples.

Duane B

AUDUINO seems quite cool and maybe something for later...But not exactly the thing i need. See, the schematic i use generates a highly adjustable siren type of sounds that goes from 2 tone, to siren, rapid bursts, phasor sounds, etc...
But i think i can definitely learn al ot from it though !

Here is my starting point.
This is just a simple thing and one of several sounds included. Ill also be using an external DAC to interact with external conponents as i intended from the start, though still researching the best way and more effective !


I had a look at your site yesterday and you had something that looked similar but sounded more musical, what was it ?

Duane B

Duane - Which one ?!? The arduino one ?!? Or the analog ones ?!? If you mean the analog ones, they are dub sirens, a highly valued eefects unit by DJ's, selectas, etc for live selection/dj'Ing and even reggae/dub music producers .


Not sure what it was, but if that's what your into you really need to build and Audino, especially if you know squarepusher

Duane B

Duane- im a musician and producer, involved in many releases. But my genre is more related to these styles Pesquisa por: palcoprincipal sapo - SAPO
Of course i mean it compoisition and as musician, as i also been involved in many other genres, production wise ! I love analog gear( hence having a funlly analog based studio old school style) complemented by the digital side of nowadays things. So ended up having 48 channels analog recorded into a multitracks analog recorder HD based( with dat technology) and 20 in/20 out on the digital side into a DAW as well if needed.
But also love more digital dub aka steppers dub reggae, of which i love also to compose produce and DUB old school style. check that video on a smaller desk i use for live dub sessions( a german band. U can also see the same song played live on the TV, link there)

So, here is one another of the tests of sounds to be included in the final version of the Arduino Dub siren .It Is adjustable in rate and pitch and goes from slow to quick fast sirens and ramp bursts.

ill .make the code available later when finished .
These are just part of my initial tests, as im still in the code development stage. Will include LCD, most of the normal Dub siren sounds( including some more close to a synare) and also delay, phaser etc effects( probably to be released only at a later stage so it comes out quickly and in two diff version) Been a bit of a pain in the back as i had to get used to the arduino language and platform but been worth it

Also have received some sponsorship from a spanish online Arduino shop, so all is good ( will develop more on that soon). Here it is their link.

My blog, with more details and also for those who dont know what a dub siren is...

Congratulations on the sponsorship, I hope to find some time to have a proper look at your blog, I am travelling at the moment and the clips you have posted don't play on the iPad.

Duane B

Ipad doesnt play youtube ?!? I keep listening to almost everyone complaining about having bought IPAD... Actually one went as far as saying " Should have bought a nice laptop instead".
Is that the impression you have of it as well ?!?

No, IPad is great, but it can't replace a laptop. It does play YouTube very well, but not all videos. Mine is version 1 and I have not applied any software updates, so it might be that I am at fault rather than the machine.

Duane b