PWM motor controller IBT_2 or relay controlled PWM module

I need some advice on my project with arduino mega.
1 × PWM Motor Controller IBT_2
1 × HX711 Load Cell Amp -connected to both interrupt pins
1 × ACS714 - analog A0
1 × SD Card Module
1 × HM-10 bluetooth
1 × Rs232-TTL convertor -connected to serial 2
1 × Magnetic Hall Switch
1 × Encoder - connected to both interrupt pins

Encoder and HX711 is critical according to this mega is checking the current and receiving control commands from and to bluetooth at the same time loging all the data.

I had started with BTS7960 and found that arduino is missing or lagging some commands in the loop such as adjusting the direction and speed of the motor according to the tension coming from the load sensor.

I had bought a PWM motor controller , it uses a pot and switch. I am planning to use it with my project with a 100K digital pot and a relay module.

What will be the cons and pros?

Here is the Alternative pwm Controller
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