PWM on DC motor

may i send a PWM output into a DC motor or it is dangerous for the motor?
Does the PWM break a DC motor?

Yes, you can send PWM to a DC motor, but not directly from the processor unless your motor is very tiny and draws less than 40mA - you need a drive transistor or H-bridge.

I’ve realized this circuit:

External power source, in my circuit, is 9V but i hope i can put 12V…

Did you intend something similar with transistor?
If your answer is yes, what about H-bridge?

PS: Sorry for my bad english…

External power source, in my circuit, is 9V but i hope i can put 12V

But you show 3V.

The BC547 has a maximum Ice of only around 100mA, I think, which isn’t a lot of current for a motor.
Do you have a spec for the motor, or have you measured the current when it is opearting?

I show 3V because i’ve done a cut&paste of a image in internet :slight_smile:

I do not have any information of DC motor: i got it from a toy… I only know it is little (in dimension…).
I do not think it require 100mA but this night i’ll measure the current when it is operating; thanks a lot.

I think you’d be very surprised. A cheap little $1 hobby motor weighing half a gram can require 500mA no load up to a couple of amps in a stall. And those low voltage/high current motors are a pain to drive with off the shelp gear.

Get yourself a motor driver and save the headaches.

You’ll need a much larger transistor for most cheapie motors.

If you are looking for offboard, something like this one: