pwm on two switch forward converter

hey guys, i'm still new here, but i need a little help.
right now i'm building a Multiple input single output dc-dc converter using two switch forward topology. so, the problem is i need a 4 pin pwm that running 100KHz frequency with 50% duty cycle. can anybody help me with the program ?? please

What boards you have?

read about frequency of the PWM. to set the HZ.
this site is very useful for what you want to do

for the duty cicle after you put the write time it is just necessary to put
if it is a 8bit pin output
if it is a 10bit pin output


in arduino diecimila the default value of pin 5 & 6 is 1kHz
the other two pins you need to change the correspettive timer

i'm using arduino uno r3.. but the timer limited with a specific frequency below 100kHz.