PWM Output with timer 1

Is there any good reason why the PWM outputs on the timer 1 channel are limited to 8 bits? They are capable of 16 bits. I’m considering making a PID servo control library for the arduino capable of controlling a servo motor with quadature encoder feedback. It would be great know what current limitation there are on the use of timmer 1. If it is being used for other operations I would hate to be limmited to using an 8 bit output for a servo drive. Any information in why the analog output is limited to 8 bits would be wonderful.

It’s limited to 8 bits only for consistency with the PWM output on other timers / pins. You should be able to use it in whatever mode you like. Only timer 0 is used for other things (the millis() and delay() functions).

Take a look here

I am using 10 bit resolution ok.