PWM Questions


Anyone experience with the following issues?
I want to have 2 PWM outputs:

  1. frequency is 1 minute
  2. Duty cycle configurable
  3. When less then 50% -> When PWM Output 1 is off, PWM Output 2 is on
    Is this possible ?


  1. frequency is 1 minute

1 minute is the period, the frequency is 16.66mHz

Yes, it is all possible.

I am thinking that English is not your first language so I am not understanding exactly what you mean.

#1 - Frequency is 1 minute - is this how often you want to update the values?

#2 - Are you wanting to use the built in 500Hz PWM or are you wanting to control the on/off time yourself?

#3 - When what is less than 50%?

These questions may be perfectly clear to you because you have the whole idea in your mind or on paper, but this post is our only glimpse into your thoughts.