PWM Servo driver PCA9685 - Doubt with current and volt supply

I was working on my quadruped project and realised that I will need a battery of about 5 or 6V with 2-3A current supply. I read somewhere that the maximum output of power pin in the adafruit PWM 16-channel servo driver was 250mA although the maximum I would need (at stall) for sg90 servo motor was 360mA. How will the voltage and current be supplied? Will it fry the driver board? Will 6V 3A battery work fine?

Since Adafruit recommend a 5V 10A power supply and talk about servos needing over 1A that limit seems rather unlikely. Please provide a link to the "somewhere" where you read it.


That is 25mA not 250mA. Fortunately it is the current limit for the SIGNAL pin, so it applies to LEDs which are powered directly from that pin.

Servos take their power from the positive power pin and a servo signal pin supplies very much less than 25mA.

Look a little further down that page Overview | Adafruit PCA9685 16-Channel Servo Driver | Adafruit Learning System