PWM Signal Question

I am trying to create a clear PWM signal. However, for every 8 cycles, there is 1 cycle does not follow the duty cycle. How can I fix it? Please help.

Here is the code:

#include <xc.h>             /* contains Vector Name/Number Macros */
#include <sys/attribs.h>    /* contains __ISR() Macros */
#include <stdio.h>

void setup()
 pinMode(11, OUTPUT);

void loop()
 digitalWrite(11, HIGH);
 delayMicroseconds(5); // Approximately 10% duty cycle @ 1KHz
 digitalWrite(11, LOW);

 int dutyvalue = getdutyvalue();

 Serial.print("duty value "); // Display "A2 = "
 Serial.println(dutyvalue); // Display measured A2 volts


int getdutyvalue()
return analogRead(A0);


void Initialize_Timer2(){
       T2CONbits.TON = 0;
       T2CONbits.TCKPS = 8; // prescale by 256
       PR2 = 100; // setting the period of TMR2. it counts to 100 then resets.
       TMR2 = 0; // initialize timer
       T2CONbits.ON =1;

   //return 0;
void Initialize_output_compare_4(int D){
   OC4CONbits.OCM =6;  // pwm mode with no fault protection
   OC4R = D;     // value to be compared with TMR2
   OC4RS = D; //  define the duty cycle
   OC4CONbits.ON=1; // will turn on OC2 module     

Please POST your code and tell us what "messed up" means.

What board is that for? It's not an 8-bit AVR, that's for sure...

It's also not a valid arduino sketch because it's missing setup().

At high frequency, for every 8 cycles, there is 1 cycle does not follow the duty cycle.

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What is the model of the Arduino controller you are using please?

What is the application that need that PWM frequency?

Thanks… Tom… :slight_smile:

surely its a hoax
its mplabx XC8 code for a PIC micro with a few Arduino looking statements pasted in


I have a question on how to generate a PWM signal using output compare with PIC32 microcontroller Arduino based. Please help. Thank you.

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