PWM Signals For EPS Controllers

I'm trying to figure out the best method for sending a PWM signal to an electronic power steering controller.

I'm trying to use a Honda s2000 steering rack's ps module but the controller requires a speed signal from the ECU which I cannot give it from the car the steering rack will be in. I have however found the frequencies at which the ECU spits out "speeds"

the s2k data is provided by konerri from the clubintegra forums. this is ECU to cluster but the same signal is also sent to the EPS Controller.
this is at 12v square, 20 percent duty cycle wave to the signal input at the following rate

speed(MPH) Signal(hrtz)













I am new to this so some of my findings may be off or wrong. From what I understand on an arduino you can modify the period and amplitude but not the frequency as its a set value. Then whats the best plan of action on something like this?

I am not familiar with the device you want to control but it does not sound like its expects a PWM signal.

If it is responding to changes in frequency then you may be able to use the FrequencyTimer2 library to generate the range you want. See: Arduino Playground - FrequencyTimer2

I spent some more time and its just expecting 2 signals

5v square wave pulse for vehicle speed and a 12v square wave pulse for engine RPM. Still have to figure out the frequency for the RPM but thats where I'm sitting.