PWM table and data logging

Hi, Im very new to this sort of thing, but very interested and have spent the past few days looking at projects.
Ive seen several basic examples of how a variable voltage can turn into a variable output, but nothing further, it seemed as if 0v was 0 output and the duty cycle increased linearly to 100% at 5v.
Im looking to program a PWM table based on a 0-5v input and and rpm signal. its for a frequency style open loop boost control setup on a turbocharged motorcycle. the higher the gear the higher the voltage and the more duty cycle i want for the air valve to apply air pressure to the top of the waste-gate. i also dont want to apply too much at lower rpm. is this sort of thing possible?

Im also looking to datalog several 0-5v sensors on the bike and assume this is just a matter of adding an sd card shield?

Thank you for any help or direction.

It may be feasible, but since I don't understand what you really need, I can't help you any further. If you need a table, you must build it yourself, according to your or your bike's needs.

this is what I used last season, its a table in tuner studio for a megasquirt 2 ecu being used as a secondary fuel controller and boost controller. the race bike is not turbocharged from the factory and its ecu is not friendly to be reprogrammed, so additional injectors and ecu are responsible for the additional fuel demand for boost. since the secondary ecu is a speed density fueling setup, the tps input can be used for something else. i connected it to the gear pos sensor and calibrated min and max, and then scaled the table to reflect each gear. i tried to have a bit of a range as the voltage can vary a bit during running and didnt want any interpolation happening between the gears. the values in the 500 rpm column just represent the gear position. the rest of the values are the commanded duty cycle for the boost or hp i want in each gear vs rpm.

can any of the arduinos do something like this boost control setup without a bunch of add ons? (like speeduino)

boost table.jpg

Tables in Arduinoland are made using multidimensional arrays. Google it.

is anyone interested in writing the code for this? for a fee?