PWM to 0-10V output

Hi All

Please can you assist me with designing the following circuit:
I need to be able to send a variable signal between 0 and 10V to a VFD(variable speed drive) in order to control a motors speed.

I'm using an Arduino Uno board which has the 5V power source.

I've done some research but the results are confusing:

  1. It looks like I first need to filter the PWM signal using a Low Pass filter in order to convert PWM into Volts.
    Please indicate what resister and capacitor I should use to do this.

  2. The I need to use a non-inverting Op Amp with a gain of 2 to get the 5V signal up to 10V.
    Please indicate which op amp and resistors I should use to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Post a link to the datasheet for the VFD


You need to determine if the drive requires isolation or post a link to the drive as requested. The commonly found single phase dc drive modules are notoriously bad about having the speed reference voltage floating at mains voltage and this will create a significant hazard if connected to an Arduino without proper isolation.

Google “arduino pwm to 10 vdc” and click on the images tag. This one is fine if you do not need isolation: Trying to Convert 5v PWM signal to 0-10v analog - General Electronics - Arduino Forum