PWM to 0-10vlt analog

What is the best way to convert a PWM signal to a 0-10vlt range?
I have found great tutorials to do this up to 5vlts but the control circuit I am using requires a 0-10vlt range.
I have found these but they require a 1khz min and it looks like a Uno can only go to 980hz..... that may be close enough but I would like to use a nano and they have a 490hz output I believe

The PWM outputs of the Nano have the same functionality as those of the Uno; that means 4 pins with 490 Hz and two pins with 980 Hz.

If you have a solution that can convert to 5V, simple addition of a 2x amplifier makes it go to 10V (e.g. an opamp with 2x amplification).