PWR led with too weak brightness


I have an arduino nano v3 ( ATmega329) and i accidentaly did a court circuit between the gnd pin and the 5v pin. Now when i connect my arduino to the USB power, the PWR led shows a too weak brightness. I've measured the 5V pin and it shows only 2.5V.
Did i burn my arduino? Is there anything i can do to solve this?

Thanks !

It does sound like you have fried D1 the input diode. Check the voltage on both sides of this.
Next remove it and power the arduino with an external supply put through the Vin input. If that fixes it then replace the diode with a good one.

Thanks you a lot ! ! ! It worked very well without the diode. Anyway i’ll buy a new diode to protecte my arduino from my next stupidity :slight_smile: