Pydroid => Bluetooth => Arduino ?


I have installed Pydroid on my android smartphone.

I'd like to send the byte '1' from my smartphone to the Arduino, via bluetooth.

In fact : I'd like to light up a led with Python on my smartphone !

Could you show me the simpliest code to do it ????

I've tried the code givent at : Piloter un robot en Bluetooth (EDR ou BLE) avec Android : Kivy - Tableaux Maths but the program is crashing !

Would you have another documentation ?

Thanks in advance !


This Simple Python - Arduino demo may help you get started. I don't know how to get PyDroid to talk to Bluetooth but I presume it's possible.

I presume you have a Bluetooth module for your Arduino.

Today I was trying a much more complex Python program on Pydroid and it worked fine - though it was not using anything on my Android tablet other than the browser.