pyrometer over 1400°C


I am Googling since several days to find way to do a project I have:

My brother in law is doing some great knives with his forge and I think he could need a pyrometer to measure the temperature of his forge.

I think that a thermocouple could work but I don’t find any solution to measure a temperature up to 2000°C (1400 would be ok but I prefer have some margin)

Any idea ?
thank you for your help

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...aaand 1700F is nowhere near 2000C.

If it's hot enough to melt metal then it will melt the thermocouple. My first choice for this would be a non-contact infrared type but even then you will have difficulty finding one to go hot enough.

Perhaps 1500F is all that is required? A bit of googling for forging knives shows that this is the range used for hardening steel knife blades.

Google Omega products. They have everything you would ever need and a lot of helpful information on the use of thermocouples. Look for a thermocouple well. The are used to protect thermocouples in harsh environments.


Thank you for your answers.

I came to the same conclusion but: -Contactless is very hard to find with this high level of temperature - I already checked the omega product but I am wondering on how to connect those devices to my arduino: there are some interface components existing but I didn't found any to operate with this range of temperature.

If you have any other idea/guidance it would be great :)

Surely the only way to do this is optically. One way is to have a tungsten filament bulb with the background as your heat source, and adjust the current through the bulb until the filament disappears - this is the basis of some professional devices.

But you'd need to calibrate it, of course!

google optical pyrometers