python bridge stops reading values.

Hi all.

I have a python script that reads a json file with a sequence of motor movements for a bunch of servos.

This is sent down from linio to the arduinio using TCPJSONClient for fast response.

From the arduino part I am then returning the pwm (position) status of all motors as one long string to the bridge and attempting to read them using a function named report() in my python script.

The status update function is run in a seperate thread using threading.Thread. The problem is that either the script will return the values only a limited amount of times, or not at all.

I am able to read the values fine from bridge on the arduino so I am certain that they find their way to bridge. And I have had this working for short periods of time in the script but it always stops after a short while. I am unable to find any pattern as to when it does not work.

Any suggestions or help much appreciated!

Here is the relevant python function, this is run in its own thread result wil later be transmitted via osc to a network of yuns:

def report():
	while not dead:
		stat = value.get("status")
		print "status: ", stat

Arduino side:

if (currentTime >= reportTime) {

    for (int i = 0; i < numServos; i++) { //build string wiht current status
      String space = " ";
      valueList += i;
      valueList +=  " ";
      valueList += currentPosition[i];
      valueList += " ";

    if (valueList != oldValueList) {

      Bridge.put("status", String(valueList));
      oldValueList = valueList;
      reportTime = currentTime + 100;

      valueList = ""; //empty valuelist


Does it print an error message or a stacktrace? (I guess the python side is malfunctioning, right?)