Python module for Nick Gammon's RS485 library?


I want to use Nick Gammon's RS485 library for communications between an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. On the Raspbery Pi I am using python.

Does anybody know of a python implementation of the protocol? (I tried searching for one but came up empty.)

If no module exists I will port the protocol and publish the result on GitHub.

Best regards, Søren.

PS: Thanks for providing the library Nick.

Not seen a port here, so it would be great if you could port it to Python,

OK - I will give it a try then. Thanks for replying.

OK, first take is ready at

Currently only tested python-to-python, testing against Nick Gammon's original library is next on my to do list.

A quick look,
seems like you did a decent job, thanks for sharing!

Hi Soren,

Thank you for sharing this !

Did you test it with an Arduino ? I'm actually planning to do exactly the same, to control arduinos through Domoticz, installed on the Rasp Pi.

Is there any consideration to take care of to get it work ? version of Python or whatever ?

I guess you used an USB to RS485 converter ?

Thank you !