Python module installing

I'm pretty new to Linux in any form. Bought a Raspberry Pi at the same time as the Yun and am making headway but frustrating to say the least at times.

Spent all day yesterday trying to solve a problem and thought whilst not news to many of you might well but useful information to other Linux newbies coming over the Arduino world.

I wanted to make use of the PyGeoCoder module in some Python code onboard the Yun. This is dead simple using 'pip'. Not so :-)

'pip' is installed using 'easy_install' which turns out is part of 'distribute'. 'easy_install' will then fail trying to install 'pip' as Python doesn't have SSL support built into the Yun. Finally I can install the python module I wanted and get going :-)

opkg update opkg install distribute opkg install python-openssl easy_install pip pip install pygeocode

5 simple steps that took me far to long.

Hopefully this information will be of some use to others.


Hi wildpalms and thank you very much for sharing

Would you like to add the code snippet to the playground so that everyone as a kind of FAQ? (this is for editing, as the new website layout removed the link...)