Python with Arduino

I have a school project around "cobotics" (cooperation // robotics).

My question is : is there any restrictions in the use of Python modules with an Arduino?

I would like to use OpenCV, or a similar module, and finally the Arduino shall not be connected to a computer during the final presentation of the project.

Thanks for your answers, I am a beginner in robotics, and I am motivated. I would like to know if all of this if possible before presenting the idea to my project manager.

You cannot run any Python code on an Arduino.

Boards based on the ESP32 (which can be programmed in C++ with the Arduino IDE) can probably run micro-python - and you will need to check with a micro-python Forum to find out what limitations there may be and exactly how to load micro-python onto the board.

On the other hand if you want to run Python on your PC and just communicate with an Arduino then that would be very straightforward. This Simple Python - Arduino demo may be of interest.


Try looking at these.

I would like to use OpenCV

In addition to Python not working on any AVR Arduinos, the chances of being able to do Computer Vision of any sort, even the faster ARM Arduinos, are very slim. That's more of a "Raspberry Pi" class of problem...