Q-Behave example

I've been playing with this Q-Behave example one button..
I'm new to this I've been using the Arduino mega to try to learn a little more programming,
I would like to change the memory for a non-volatiley one
Will I need an external memory or it can be done in code.
I'm using the Arduino mega board.
Can same one please give me an example how to do this.
I real appreciate your help.

Best Regards

I don’t understand why you “ want to change the memory”

machine learning .. ambitious stuff

Note that you can save data to eeprom on the Arduino , and retrieve it after a power down . There are also shield for using SD cards

Hi hammy

the idea would be to save the previous result so that when the machine was started it would start with the
previous result.

in the code we have this part:

/Simple memory definition and configuration. All memory is blocked in heap.
//Please note that memory is volatile right now and will not survive restart.
double prob1[6];
double* internalMemmory={prob1};
SimpleMemory memory = SimpleMemory(stateMap,internalMemmory);

How can I put this values in a EEPROM?

Thanks for the help!!

How can I put this values in a EEPROM?

Which values? The 6 doubles in prob1? The addresses in internamMemmory? The object in memory?