[Q] Connect Arduino with ESA 86/88 ?

Hi guys,

I want to ask few questions. I have ESA-86/88-2 which is a microcomputer trainer for Intel CPU. Is there any way to connect Arduino with that board?
It has serial port (use to connect to a PC for software mode programming) and parallel port (mostly use to connect modules, which i'm trying to do here).

My main idea is to add Bluetooth interface but don't know which is better. Connect from Arduino or create something new?

Thanks. :open_mouth:

It has serial port

Using RS232 levels or TTL levels?

If it’s TTL, you can connect the RX and TX pins, and ground, directly to the Arduino. If it’s RS232, you need a MAX232 chip between the device and the Arduino.

You’d need to figure out what you can send to, or what you can get from, the serial port.