Q: connecting sound interface, lights, computer with DMX master shield t140060


I just bought DMX master shield t140060 for a live show. The show needs interaction between lights and sound. (the light reacts to the sound) The software for this is Max 7, and the program is already set up.

The tools I have are computer, mic, sound interface, lighting dimmer, lights, dmx master shield t140060, and American DJ 5-Pin Male to 3-Pin Female XLR Turnaround DMX Cable.

There are 3 things that I want to check.

  1. Do I only need to solder two loose female 5-pin DMX connector to the shield?

  2. The connecting order:

mic - sound interface - computer - dmx master shield - lighting dimmer - lights ?

if so, 3. Do I need another type of cable? to connect computer and dmx master shield. Can you tell me how to search the cable? if you have a certain model number or name, it would be really helpful.

Thank you very much