[Q] Email with gmx or gmail?

i can’t get my email function working :frowning:
I’ve read most of the arduino mail codes on the net, but for some reason, mine won’t work. (and yes, i’m an bloody beginner)

char Mailserver[] = "mail.gmx.net";


void sendEmail(String subject, String message) {
  byte time = 100;
  if (client.connect(Mailserver, 465)) 
    client.println F("EHLO MYSERVER{013}{010}"); Alarm.delay(time); // log in
    client.println F("AUTH LOGIN{013}{010}"); Alarm.delay(time); // authorise
    // enter your username here
    client.println F("aW5mYW50aWxvXXXXXXXXXX=={013}{010}"); Alarm.delay(time);
    // and password here
    client.println F("cGtpbmRsMXXXXXXXXXX{013}{010}"); Alarm.delay(time);
    client.println F("MAIL FROM:<xxxxxxxxxx@gmx.at>"); Alarm.delay(time);
    client.println F("RCPT TO:<xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com>"); Alarm.delay(time);
    client.println F("DATA"); Alarm.delay(time);
    client.println F("From: <xxxxxxxxxx@gmx.at>"); Alarm.delay(time);
    client.println F("To: <xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com>"); Alarm.delay(time);
    client.print F("SUBJECT: ");
    client.println(subject); Alarm.delay(time);
    client.println(); Alarm.delay(time);
    client.println(message); Alarm.delay(time);
    client.println("."); Alarm.delay(time);
    client.println F("QUIT"); Alarm.delay(time);
    //Serial.println("Email sent.");

the {013}{010} thing was my last try, but didn’t bring any change.

Could anyone help me with that?

465 usually is the mail delivery port for SSL traffic. SMTP AUTH port for unencrypted traffic commonly is 567. Maybe that's your problem?

You can't just sent command, and hope that the server is ready. You have to read the respons.
I used this, it reads the respons and has timeouts.

Thanks for all your replys!
First of all it was the port, that was wrong.
But I've changed to waiting for reply now, too.
MANY thanks for your help!!!!