QFN Sockets?

Hi there… well the question is quite easy: Do things like QFN sockets exist? I have heard of people that there are sockets like ZIF sockets where you are able to put in various sizes of QFNs for using them on DIP projects…
Has anyone ever seen such a thing?

If now, what is the best way to use QFN chips anyway?


These are clamshell sockets for device programmers and such. $140 and up…

The best way to use them is solder them in place in your design. If you want to play with them first… you might try using a schmartboard.


Those smarterboards look interestering, but am i right if i say that they look just like breakout boards to me?

That’s exactly what they are. And they’re quite nice for prototype work.

ok… guess i will try such things… (they are quite expensive imho - therefore i asked, wasnt sure if they had maybe some sort of special feature…)

asnt sure if they had maybe some sort of special feature

The special feature is that not many people want them so they are a high precision low volume product and that means high price.