QG Series inclination sensor connection

Hi everyone,

i have the following problem:

the sensor is connected via 3 Wires,which are 2 meters long and have a PVC isolation.
the datasheet says:

Connectivity (length +-10%)
Brown Supply
black Output
blue GND

does this mean you cant shorten it more than 10 percent? If yes, is the reason for that that the sensor works via Capacity and the cables have their own small capacity? the problem is that the sensor should be mounted inside a device so theres no space for 2 meters of cable. If the capacitys of the cables are the problem, can i fix that with a small capacitor?

Thanks for your help in advance and let me know if you need any more details.

datasheet: https://www.distrelec.de/Web/Downloads/60/41/dis_sensors_qg30kl_090E_AV_K_2014_eng_tds.pdf