QRE1113 Line Sensor Breakout - Digital

I bought this Sensor for the line following Robot .. But First i want to check it that its working correctly or not.. So tell me that how can i test this sensor. And When i connect it with 5V then LED of the sensor cannot Glow (shinning) And Idea This why it cannot be Glow just like the other LED. I provide you the link. Just Watch and help me out. Kindly tell me how to Test it !!!!


There is a link on the sparkfun page: http://bildr.org/2011/06/qre1113-arduino/ where it has code and a schematic to show you how to use it. Then you just need a light and dark surface to test it with.

Then how i need the dark surface and Light surface... Kindly explain it plz.. And the problem is that the LED is now glowing .. This is the real problem for me.. and IR LED emitted light or not ...

Wire it up as shown in the bildr page and then run the code they have for the digital version of the sensor. Use the serial monitor to see what the sensor is reading. Check to see how it changes if you put something light coloured over it, also how it changes when you use something dark.

Can you help me in modifying the code .. I am using Arduino Mega 1280 So i want that when the out of the sensor is 1 then the LED in the ARDUINO glow. And when it sent 0 then the LED goes low ..

Take another look at the bildr page - the sensor doesn't return a 1 or 0 - it gives you a time. You'll need to determine by experiment what you consider to be the threshold at which you want to turn the arduino led on.