Quad stability with shifting load

So ive been building an rov gold dredge that stablise it self on the same princables as a quad rotor, problem is as the sluice box fills the center of gravity is constantly changeing makeing it unstable and less effecent at sluiceing gold. At the moment im manuly adjusting the level values as it runs but i would like to think of a way to code it to compensate for the change in center of gravity over time

Any ideas out there

Sounds like you are describing a picavet.

Thats a cool piece of rigging but the center of gravity on the frame would be very critical for it ok for a solid object but not a sluice box. A sluce box is more like haveing a box of with a coule marbles rolling around in it, the weight is constantly moveing and changeing place but with the added fun of the number of marbles constantly changeing as gold is capture and rocks run through the system

Thinking that if i were to make a comparator of the actual angle verse the desired angle and average that over say a second to find out if its under constant tilt then use that feed back to adjust the output to the motors. I wouldn't use such a code on an quadcopter but an rov were the quad section is only for keeping the system level it might just work

Just figured out how to make a quad copter run this smothly... If you run it from the stand point of angles ....