Quadcopter build

This is my first time building on of these :) So I want to make sure everything is compatible especially when it comes down to the esc and brushless motors. I am also seeking advise for propellers and battery sizes. Also information on calculating thrust would be nice. In the end I am going to connect an arduino uno to do some cool stuff.

MY current build looks like the following:

F450 MultiCopter Quadcopter Kit Frame Quad: http://www.ebay.com/itm/F450-MultiCopter-Quadcopter-Kit-Frame-Quad-USA-SELLER-MH1157-/301147871077?pt=Radio_Control_Vehicles&hash=item461dcfd765

Hobbyking KK2.1.5 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board With 6050MPU And Atmel 644PA: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__54299__hobbyking_kk2_1_5_multi_rotor_lcd_flight_control_board_with_6050mpu_and_atmel_644pa.html

4x Hobbywing Skywalker 20A Electronic Brushless Motor Speed Controller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4x-Hobbywing-Skywalker-20A-Electronic-Brushless-Motor-Speed-Controller-ESC-New-/190652692988?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2c63c939fc

4x A2212 1000Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor For Airplane Aircraft Quadcopter S: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4x-A2212-1000Kv-Brushless-Outrunner-Motor-For-Airplane-Aircraft-Quadcopter-S-/301123699421?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item461c5f02dd

That is what I am planning on so far. I am going to be adding an arduino uno with a motor shield so I need to add that weight in there. Are these parts compatible with each other? How do I calculate the amount of thrust? Battery and prop size? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I am on a budget ;)

Don't go more that 3 to 6 feet above the ground for the first 10 flights. Why ? You need more than a few flights to find out if there are any issues.. do you have a single battery ?

johnnydicamillo: I am also seeking advise for propellers and battery sizes. Also information on calculating thrust would be nice

I suggest you ask these questions on one of the many forums that specialise in DIY drones.

Prop size and battery size are chosen based on motor size. Given a 20A ESC, assuming 1/4 power during flight (4A) x 4 motors = 16A

Given a 2200mAh (2.2Ahr) battery, powering all four motors ==> 2.2A/16A = 0.1375 x 60min/per hr = 8.25 minutes flight time (typical flight time)

Battery should be mounted at bottom COG (center of gravity) Battery placement is checked by balancing opposing frame tips on fingers for both axis, one at a time. Separate batteries for each motor is discouraged because no two batteries will be discharged equally, and any one battery failing first results in loss of control due to thrust imbalance.

Battery flight life (flight-time) is tested by performing 10 flights as close to the ground as possible , timing each flight and taking the average. Here is a link to choose battery . http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/lithium_polymer_battery_configuration.asp Note battery weight (in grams) . There is a large variation in weights for the same capacity battery. My personal belief is that the heavier batteries provide longer flight times due to the additional material in the battery. Lighter is not always better, unless you don't care about flight time. My suggestion is buy one of the heaviest and one of the lightest and do your own evaluation to confirm my theory. They are not that expensive. How much is it worth to you to know the truth (facts)? Battery discharge rate is the "C" rating (20C,30C,35C,40C etc. Quadcopters are not jet planes so this factor is not critical and 25C is acceptable for this application.

Prop is usually selected based on battery and motor size for obvious reasons. Choosing a larger motor would require choosing a larger prop and battery. The reverse is also true. For you motor and battery, probably anything between 9 and 10 inches is ok. My suggestion is research how other quadcopters are configured using google. Look at prop size, motor size and batter size for quadcopters already flying and base you decision on proven success. Check out this post; http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=184503.0