Quadcopter/ Capstone project

I am new to this and looking to start off on the right end of things, and i am looking for input on what would be the best boards to go with? I would like to be able to control it by internet/RC control. I am also looking for some help in pointing me in the right way on the coding, or a good website that will help? I will just start off with that but i do have more Questions.

Thanks to all who reply to this


For the coding, take a look at MultiWii.com if you want an example of some solid open-source quadcopter coding for Arduino. Many quality commercial boards run this code, but it will work on a stock Arduino board with some sensor modules as well.

Not sure what you mean exactly by “internet/rc” control, but there are many options for wireless control, so it depends on what you plan to do with it. You can use a standard RC transmitter/receiver or even go totally custom and use a digital tranceiver, so you can communicate directly with other digital devices. (PC, Arduino, etc)