quadcopter design

Hello everyone ;

I want to design quadcopter flying by using Autopilot by using brushless motor and electronic speed controller and Arduino uno
With the use ultrasonic sensor and any IMU and GPS chip and XPee
I want to help in the code of the motors and sensors and Xpee
For quadcopter I want to control motor speed so the plane could take off and land

all thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea what IMU and GPS and sensors? I'd suggest one step at a time,
interface each device with a test sketch. Once you have the code to drive each component
then the integration will be feasible.

Yes, I have a good idea
That has encountered a problem in the choice of the specific episodes software
And also the problem of integration

I read about cool idea and project T-coupter. you can read about this on my site in profile settings