Quadcopter project with ultrasonic sensor without Radio Transmitter/Receiver

Hi Guys, I'm starting a new project which involves a Quadcopter being controlled only with ultrasonic sensors without a radio controller. I'd like to have an arduino as a controller to do the coding etc... I've a done a bit of research, but I keep coming up with "Flight Controller" such as ArduPilot? The way I would have done it is, to connect all 4 cervos to the arduino(not directly as you can't connect 2 motors to the board, but I'll create a shield for it) and some ultrasonic sensors, then get cracking with the coding. (and maybe with a gyro).

My question is , do I need to have a flight controller? If so, Can i connect ultrasonic sensors to the ArduPilot and code it the way I want in the Arduino Environment?

I've seen other many flight controllers, what's the difference?

PS: if you have any other way to get on with this project please share you idea.


While I have no experience with this yet, let me point out three things.

  • You will get nowhere without gyros.

  • If you think you can write simple code for this, think again. And again. Keep doing it - thinking, that is. It is foolhardy (and aren’t they?) to imagine you know more than the people who have implemented projects such as the Ardupilot and spent months of development time.
    In short, go get a kit, build it, fly it, and then - only then, modify it.

  • Has it occurred to you that the motors and propellers generate ultrasound?