Quadcopter: Question about PID.

Hi there,
I am making a quadcopter, and I have a doubt with PID control. I do not know if the PID output will continually adding, or if you add on a fixed power each time the loop repeats. I do not know what I mean. I've tried adding the proportional output each time the loop is repeated, and the result is that more and more ranges. Someone knows how is it done?

This question is very specific to quadcopters.

I suggest you post it to the DIYDrones forum.

I have a doubt with PID control

If you are intending to write your own controller, I recommend that you don't. It's extremely difficult to do, and will likely take years of effort with numerous failures along the way. There are various open source controllers you can use. Simply taking somebody else's controller and making it work in your project will be challenging for a novice.

thanks but could you tell me some good code controller? I haven't found any.

I haven't found any.

Then you can't have looked very hard, because DIY UAVs are extremely popular at the moment and there are plenty of open source autopilots about for them. What search terms have you tried?