Quadcopter - senior project

Hello everyone,

I want to make a Quadcopter starting from zero. I have some experience in electronic but never used Arduino. It is my senior project and I'm struggled with it.

I supposed to build a Quadcopter with: Light sensor, Temperature sensor, GSM, LED, Gyroscope, Camera, GPS and other stuff. The mentor advised me to use Arduino Esplora. It also should be able to carry extra 3 Kgs.

I think it is better to buy a kit with the main parts. But I don't know what to buy, and from where !

I would be grateful for your help. :)

But I don't know what to buy

Well if you buy a kit, it will have everything you need but you looking at a quadcopter to be able to pick up 4 kg if you add everything and you still need some thrust to go forward etc thats a lot of weight!

If you havent used arduino before it will be better to get each individual sensor to work on its own and then once you know how they work start adding them to your copter.

There are so many kits available online and documentation so that should not be a problem if you google it.