Quadcopter Teensy, MAVLINK !

Hello Guys!

I just would like to share my project which i am working on right now. I developed new control board which is really easy to set up,use and debug. I used as a brain of my quadcopter a Teensy 3.1(really great platform due to its 96Mhz overclock).
As IMU I use mpu9150. For communication and control I used right now Bluetooth and rc controller. The interesting part on this project is, that I implemented MAVLINK communication which is able to communicate and send data to MissionPlanner or QgroundControl or any smartphone and represent there all data on graphs, change parameters and many other features. This also gives me a possibility adjust all mi p,i,d constants really easily. Link to That GUI which I am using and mavlink protocol:


I am going to put there ultrasonic sensor to be able make it more stable even some heights and not be losing altitude!

I did few changes in my project!

First of all:
changed MotionDriver from v5.1 to V6.1
MPU settings changeble

There are some more features in MotionDrive v6.1, which for somebody can but does not have to be useful.

Really helpful change I did in Mavlink communication is:
-You can set no kid of interrupt on any Mavlink parameter. It means every time you change that Parameter from QgroundControl, some interrupt function will be called. It helps to check different parameters, how they influence components(GYRO,ACCEL,MOTORS...)

Now you can be during your flight from smartphone or PC change for example Low Pass Filter on gyro and accel readings and directly see what kind of influence it has on flight stability or . You can see also all readings on graph(see pics).

This feature is really helpful for all people who wants,not just build quadcopter, but also build something related to gyro and accels. Not just for MPU9150 which I am using.

I wrote really powerful library for MPU9150 which serves possibility to calibrate gyro accel or magnetometer really easily. You can every time decide if you want to use DMP or for more advanced users raw readings and than use some of the filters.

Short video you can see on this link!

It is little bit older video. I reached now much more stable flight I just did not have any time to make video. I will post some as soon as possible!

I am happy to answer any questions

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