Quadcopter using Arduino UNO and kk2.1 flight controller

I am building a Quadcopter and am a beginner in the whole microcontroller programming field but can learn fast . I have a kk2.1 flight control board and an arduino uno , I want to connect these both and control the kk2.1 through wifi instead of radio . Now this site - Arduino on the KK2 Multicopter controller - RCHacker.com - Radio Control for Engineers, Hackers and the advanced Hobbyist gave me the code and showed me its possible to connect to the kk2.1 through pwm pins on the arduino and seems like I need to hack the kk board to use it with the arduino . Now the question is what extra do I need to do with the arduino after hacking the kk board with the programmer .

My perception- We leave the flight control and calculations to the kk board , and only transmit control signals through the arduino . If this is the case then I just need to come up with some code to convert the wifi signals received to the required signals for the kk2.1 board . As the kk2.1 is controlled by a radio receiver and transmitter by default . Is this gonna be hard and have a steep learning curve ?

worst case(if this is the case ) - write code for flight control on arduino and only relay control information to the kk board .
Please help me out and sorry if any of my idea on this wrong , just starting out in this field !
Thanks !

I want to connect these both and control the kk2.1 through wifi instead of radio

Why do you want to control a Quadcopter over Wifi ?

The normal radio controls systems are very reliable and designed for the application.

I made a beginners mistake and brought the wifi module with arduino and the kk board . Well the radio receiver and transmitter is gonna cost 45$ (a little out of my budget right now) in the Indian market so for now I wanna know if i can make do with what i have .

Try a Google search on 'quadcopter wifi' , lots of examples out there.

Although given the ability of an out of control quadcopter to cause serious injuries to people, I would prefer to stick to proper radio control kit that is designed for the job.

Will definitely do that but what about the kk+arduino combination ? Anyone who has done ?