Quadcopter with Uno - Can't Turn On DJI ESCs

I’m attempting to program my own quadcopter flight control board using an Arduino Uno. I’m using DJI 30A ESCs and a Turnigy 9x8c v2 Receiver.

When I connect the throttle output (CH3) directly to one of the ESCs, the motor spins happily. But when I read the throttle PWM value and then output it to the ESC via the Uno ( using analogWrite(PIN,VALUE) ), nothing happens. I can’t seem to get the ESCs to move the motors at all using a PWM signal from the Uno.

When connected, I get the power up chime indicating that the ESC is seeing a PWM signal. If I turn off the PWM signal, I get error beeps from the ESC. My PWM output signal is mirroring that of the Rx and ranges between 1060 and 1888 us.

I can’t figure out what is different between the Uno output and the Receivers. Do any of you quadcopter designers out there have any experience with this? What am I missing?

Note: The DJI ESCs do not require a calibration procedure.

You don’t use PWM outputs directly to talk to RC servos and ESCs, but rather
use the Servo library.

use the servo library and use servo1.write(25);
servo1 is the name of your esc and the number 25 defines the degrees use from 0-179.
in a few days i'll post a throtlle esc calibration sketch.