Quadcopter-with Xbee and a arduino/raspberry pi?

Hello! I’m new (very-somewhat) so excuse my noobness. I am planning to build a Quadcopter and would really like it to have some video streaming. Is there any way to do this? Maybe is there a compact “pc” (Not home theater ovi) for the video that can word with the Xbee… Thank you in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


video streaming is normally done with equipment specificaly designed for this somewhere about 6 ghz.

Its much lighter than anything you can make yourself.

Tha smaller arduinos cannot handle the bandwidth needed for video, pi can but weighs 150g.

Ok, but can i connect it with the xbee? and thanks for that link, im planning to look into it.

xbee is designed for about 250 kbs.

thats not enough for decent real time video.

Also the link i gave is 300 x more power to get range.

So what your saying is to completely forget about the xbee? And i cant use an arduino? also rasberry pi just means more powerful motors and battery, correct? Thanks man and sorry for so much questions

For the video link yes.

They are standalone systems separate from the quadcopter controls designed for the purpose.

Use bigger motors ? Well if you do that you need bigger ESCs, bigger battery,bigger props possibly all weight.

Can your frame support it ?

I don't have a frame yet, but i will 100% sure I'm doing this because this is a school project, and yes we can use any type of open-source and ideas off the internet. This is the school budget which i don't know, but he just said it has to be cheap.

As for bigger motors, I just thought that since you told me the Pi was big in weight, that I thought I needed more power.

And finally for the video link, I'd have a Pi, some ESC that I don't know yet as well as props and battery and frame. Yes I'm confused too but right now we are trying to figure out what type of motherboard or "brain" we are going to be using if we want to stream live video.

Much thanks, Crasystarter


Consider the video feed as a totally separate project from the quadrocopter construction.

Its pointless trying to integrate them together.

Technology / frequency allocations makes that impractical.

Just bear in mind the extra weight involved.

This is not a trivial project overall.

Good luck.