I am developing a quadcopter and have figured out the following things.

-I have to get a control board as I am not experienced enough to program the arduino to control the motors directly with sensors.
-I want to send the sensors values from a control board through Xbee to a computer (interface software is not a problem)
-I need to control the quad copter with a computer through Xbee.
-I would like to have other sensors on the quad copter that are sent to the computer through xbee but are not connected to the control board. such as a PING sensor.
-I need the control board to use sensors that are already on the control board and stabilize the quadcopter

My question is, what kind of control board do I need to work with the above constraints?

I would have thought you want one of the special-purpose Arduino clones designed for autonomous drones, and the software to go with it. There are plenty of people doing this sort of thing and Google is your friend.