Hi guys i have to build my own quadcopter i am a student at universty and i am thinking of use 2Xarduino mega and 2Xxbee shield and module but i dont see lots of exapmle at google with xbee Do you think i should do with xbee or how can i do with rc but i dont nothing about rc Help me please

Have a look at these videos where the guy uses Arduino and the nRF24L01 modules for the radio control transmitter and receiver

Do you know calibration for gyro and accelerometre how can i calibrate these things on arduino

You are asking a very broad question that I have no answer to. I pointed you to those videos because it shows you how to build a quadcopter that uses Arduino in both the transmitter and receiver but uses the nRF24L01 modules not Xbee. Have you even looked at those videos because they are very informative and explain how to build the system very well.